Vegas Trash

Last minute road trip with my girl to source fabric at a tradeshow in Vegas. We turn every adventure into a photoshoot. Vegas has never been very appealing to me. Girls dressed in tight cheap, tacky club dresses and overpriced EVERYTHING. I had a ceviche plate the size of a small mouse for $15. I'm just not into it, unless I have money to blow. Even if I did have the money, I'd rather blow it somewhere way more beautiful and less smelly.

ANYWAY. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. Styled with Bowenero by Brandi Howe. Look at her amazing work here.

Took a random exit off the 15 and caught the sunset for these ones. #magichour

We stopped at Buffalo Bills Resort & Casino in Primm, Nevada on the way home. Place was poppin' off with about 10 people in the whole casino. So Brandi and I ventured over to the huge neon sign outside, got naked and helped each other climb the little shed below the sign. Because when you've run out of outfits to wear, you just go nude, especially under a giant neon flashing sign.