Vibing with Spring

Okay, so I haven't posted since like 1985 and it's because I was feeling seriously desperate to find work to pay the bills. Being an artist usually means you need a day job. You can't put all the pressure on your work to make money so you have to swallow your pride and get a part timer. So my blog was neglected BUT I had a friend feeling the same way about her work. We decided to get creative together and come up with a shoot. Here was my inspo photo. I love the 70s vibe flower child look and of course I love doing creative makeup looks. 


It was the first day of spring so I went to the flower district downtown and found this amazing store Moskatels on San Julian St...DEFINITELY tops any craft store I have ever been to. They had life size silk sunflowers and roses, crafts, fake food props, and all sorts of crafts! Everything was pretty cheap too. I bought some little white flower accents I could tear apart and use for the lashes and a colorful bouquet to incorporate. I teamed up with Brandi again who styled us with Agent Provocateur.  We set up, did makeup and shot til about 4am. I couldn't decide if I liked them edited in color or sepia tone. I love both honestly.