Deep Sea Dreams

People have ideas all the time. They remain ideas until action is taken. I had been having trouble with this myself. How will you ever know what could come out of these amazing ideas if you do not even try to make them come to life? 

One day I was on pinterest and saw this exact photo I wish I could give credit to but couldn't find the Photographer. I loved the lighting and the sexual suggestion. (if you can't tell, I love sexy nude women)

I made a Pinterest board dedicated to the look and feel of the photoshoot I wanted to produce. Then I grabbed all my favorite images from the pin board and made a mood board on Indesign including what I wanted for the concept, makeup, and hair.

Now all I needed was a team to make it ll happen. A good friend of mine just came out with this awesome app called OpenCall for collaborating with other creatives in your area. It makes it so so easy to get a team together and make new connections. Its super easy to use and your portfolio is made or selected images from your instagram. Here is a link to download it.

Luckily I already knew exactly who I wanted involved. We shot at my friend Galen's dope DTLA loft who is also a photographer. His is space is available for shoots and events as well here is a link to the facebook page.

My best friend, Colette Broderick is a makeup artist (@lettelou), my aunt, Erin Cheney is a hair stylist (@hairbyerinc) and my friend Maya Donovan is a model (@mayadonovan). 

Although we didn't have enough time to execute the full idea with the paint on the model, the photos came out absolutely perfect! Not only did they turn out gorgeous, but we all had so much fun getting weird with some deep sea animals. Let us just have a moment of silence and appreciation for the cooperation of the deceased in order to be art


Okay, here are a few of the shots Galen and I both shot that I am in love with.