Nocturnal Bliss

My Schedule lately (perks of freelancing):
10am: Roll out of bed. Make coffee with cinnamon and coconut milk and an omelet.
11am: Check emails, check craigslist for hidden gems (furniture, jobs, free bunnies? Idk I get lonely living alone). *Consider painting* 
12pm: Run around Silver lake Resevoir.
12:45: Make some lunch, clean the house, work on design projects, look for inspiration, watch a show on Netflix (or 2?)
4pm: Dinner with friends etc. 

That Pretty much sums it up, but lately, It isn't until about midnight that something inside of me says "Go make some shit!" Maybe it's the fact that I know everyone else is out partying or sleeping. I guess it makes me feel like I am being one of the most productive people on this side of the planet at that time of night. That also depends on what you consider to be productive though. Either way, I stayed up til about 4am painting. I am almost done with this piece inspired by my girlfriend's fashion line Bowenero . She is an incredible designer who hand makes unique art-inspired pieces. She posted this amazing editorial one of her tops was featured in and the lighting, model and styling were all next level. I had to recreate the image in my own way. I am pretty happy with how it's coming along. I also love my new disco dining room/studio. 

PS. Fun Fact: My table was featured on MTV's "For The Love of Ray Jay" haha #CraigslistComeup!