Big Magic

After moving to the endless suburbs of Los Angeles, I have gained some super valuable knowledge about what I want in life. For me, my comfort zone is being with my close friends and family, in the Bay Area, to be specific. After graduating college at the Art Institute, I decided to say fuck my comfort zone. It makes me feel safe. Safe can be good... but I don't want to be safe. I moved to LA to kick my ass into gear. I know I have talent. That doesn't mean anything until you put it to work. This city is filled with the best of the best, pushing me to be the best I can be.

I titled my first post " Big Magic" because I started reading this amazing book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Of course, I picked it up because the cover is so pretty, but the content is even more beautiful, #lifechanging. You can buy it on Amazon here ... I am telling you right now, if you are scared to spend your time doing what you love (which sounds crazy to me...) This book will put any fears you have into words. The advice she has really stuck to me and since then I have been creating more art. Which was my problem... SIMPLY STARTING