I feel as if this post is more of a diary entry than a blog post, but here we go. It's my 25th! I have to say it has been one of the most transformational years to date. My art has become more of a priority than ever. Which is why you're reading this blog. I started to care enough to put it out there. I made an amazing group of friends. I graduated college. I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Traveled to the other side of the planet. Rented my first apartment. Got a full time job (meh). Got laid off from that boring job. Found a job where I am learning and enjoy my time at. Made some new best friends. Found a new love for taking photos of people. 

Accomplishments are nothing unless you learn something from them. I have learned so much as a result of my move. I've learned I can't rely on art to survive, too much pressure. It takes time and practice to find a niche. The people I have encountered in LA have taught me to be a little more selective of who I give my time to. As a result, my time has become more valuable. The people I surround myself affect me more than I know. I have learned to say NO. I have learned to be more upfront and honest. It has saved everyone time and most times, people consider it respectful...Who knew?!  Traveling has taught me there is much more to learn outside of a classroom and the whole world is worth seeing. Which ensued a promise I made to myself. That I would get to see it all before I die. I have learned to keep in touch with my family, no matter how busy I am. They aren't around forever. 

I also lost my grandmother this year which left a huge hole in my heart. She was like my life cheerleader. Always so supportive of everything I did and always there to give me the sassiest advice about guys. I miss her so much.

If I write my goals here, it's as if they have to be met. Even if I am the only one who reads this blog. It's in writing and the pressure is on! So here it is...what I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year as a 25-year-old WOMAN:

Show my work in a gallery

Learn how to successfully run a business 

Save my money for an investment 

Become a girlboss

Collaborate with as many people as possible

Paint for 3 hours a week

Post to my blog once a week

Take as many photos as possible

Keep a journal for shoot ideas

Travel (TBD Israel? Europe?)

Meet more amazing people to surround myself with

Burning Man (YES IT'S A GOAL)

There is so much more to add that could be categorized more as bucket list items but I will save that for another time. ;) Anywho! Today is my birthday and since I have an obsession with disco balls and wigs I decided to do a little birthday photoshoot. I like to call it Studio25.