It's in times like these when the world is so chaotic and people are being murdered for no reason other than hate that all I can think about is getting away. When social media is flooded with negativity and arguments of who's right and wrong, I just feel like throwing my computer out the window and taking off. Protesting should be a way to make a change, have your voice be heard. Not escalate the problem to larger, tragic proportions. EVERYONE MATTERS. It makes me so deeply upset that our country has not learned from history. *sighhhh*


I haven't posted since May and I thought it would be a good time to reflect on a camping/road trip I went on with my people. I considered it my birthday celebration because exploring new places, sleeping under the stars & experiencing a breathtaking view is 10X more amazing than getting fxcked up at some party. My friends drove from SF to Barstow where I met them. From there we drove through the night to Zion National Park in Utah, an oasis in the middle of the desert. We hiked the Emerald Pools the next day. It was like being in Jurassic Park with waterfall sliding down colossal cliffs. The following day we hiked Angels Landing which consists of several intense switchbacks and towards the top you are on a 4 foot wide trail with 1000ft drops on each side. The view from the top is so worth all of the work! We were even told to turn around by a seasoned hiker because she said the rain would make the rocks slippery. Luckily the rain never came. 

Since it was technically my birthday I brought balloons and had everyone take one out for some photos. And OF COURSE I brought my unicorn onesie. DUH.

After we left Zion, we made our way to Arizona. On the way we stopped at Horseshoe Bend for sunset. My camera died at Angels Landing so these are iPhone photos.

We arrived at a beach at Wahweap, Lake Powell for a free spot to stay around midnight to set up camp. You could literally see all the stars. We blew up some balloons with LEDs and I took some long exposures. John made some amazing mac and cheese and we sat by the fire all night. Woke up to an amazing beach with ice cold water and some gorgeous fluffy clouds. On the way out we stopped at Antelope Canyon. It was the longest, deepest, most beautiful crevice I have ever been inside of. ;) I never wanted this trip to end! The world is so beautiful. Go see it!